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Hofland nursery

Our wholesaler of flowers and plants is always busy selecting only the best growers for our webshop. That is why we only have the most excellent growers in our range. Today we would like to introduce you to the Hofland nursery.

Kwekerij Hofland is a 3.5 hectare greenhouse horticulture company located in Westland. They grow various flowering plants in their greenhouses, namely: Schlumbergera, Dianthus, Hibiscus, Calibrachoa and Exacum Affine.

Jan Hofland (first generation) started a horticultural business on Kruisbroekweg in Naaldwijk in 1899 and grew currants, apples, but above all peaches and at one point also Dahlias. Watering was still done with the watering can in hand!

When Jan's son Gozewinus Jacobus Hofland (second generation) continued the nursery in 1928, there were now 20 greenhouses with different types of peaches. Goos senior decided to grow tulips and thus set up the first heated greenhouse on the nursery. In 1940 the first cacti were grown at the nursery and tomatoes and Lathyrus were also added to the range. Thus it became a bit of a “grocery store” which was quite normal for that time.

In 1960, the municipality wanted to buy the land on Kruisbroekweg, which meant that a new piece of land had to be sought. This was found; the Klapwijk brothers were willing to sell their pasture on the Lange Broekweg to the Hofland family. Frans Hofland entered the nursery and started a small section with cacti as well as tomatoes and cucumbers. It was a financially difficult time that led him to set up an export company with his father Goos Sr. for which he regularly traveled to England to visit customers. During one of these working visits he discovered the Lidcactus and took it to the Netherlands to start growing himself. In 1976 Frans took over the company from his father Goos Sr. and was the third generation Hofland to take over the helm.

The necessary studies and tests were carried out with the Lidcactus in order to expand the knowledge and experience. In 1991 the sons of Frans, Goos and Peter, took over the nursery and continued under the name: F. Hofland & Zn. BV. The computer was introduced and investments were made in a digital order system. It didn't stop there; In 2006 a new greenhouse was built in which all the latest horticultural gadgets have been included in order to create an optimal climate for the growth of the plants. There was also a new potting system, cutting cutting line and cultivation container system. In 2007 Peter decided to leave the company and Goos continued on his own, but in 2009 the team was strengthened again in the form of son Frank who came to work in the nursery.

The fifth generation Hofland is now at the helm of this nursery: sister Annemiek and brother Frank who do the sales together, and Peter Penning and Mario Huisman who are in charge of the cultivation and the logistics and technical process. In the background, the older generation, brothers Goos and Peter, are present to pass on their many years of knowledge and experience to the younger generation.

With attention to nature, where they use organic growth and care products as much as possible, they grow their plants with the aim of growing a beautiful and high-quality product that people can enjoy for a long time.

Roobos wholesaler for flowers and plants: the most beautiful Schlumberga from the Hofland nursery

Hofland nursery is known for the most beautiful Schlumberga.

The Schlumbergera, also known as Schlumbergera. This is actually a succulent, but a flowering succulent. The Schlumbergera flowers when the days are short and then has beautiful red, white, pink or orange flowers. It originates from Brazil, where it flowers very modestly on tree trunks.

All Schlumbergeras come from a coastal strip in the southeast of Brazil and this region is known as the Atlantic Rainforest. The flowers of most known Schlumbergera species are not round but elongated and zygomorphic.

The schlumbergera is mainly sold as a Christmas cactus. But if you take good care of the Schlumbergera it can last for years.

View the most beautiful Schlumberga from Kwekerij Hofland via their website. You can also find more information about this fantastic company here:

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