Winter plants

Winter plants

The 6 most beautiful at Christmas

Winter plants that bloom. In the cold winter months, a little color in the garden is extra cozy. A good tip is to make winter extra cozy with the most beautiful hardy flowering plants.

There is therefore plenty of choice. From flowering winter plants to shrubs and ground covers that are at their best from November to March.

Below you will find a list of 10 types of flowering winter plants. Which is your favorite?

The Helleborus is also called Christmas rose. Because it flowers in winter, it is a very popular strong plant. There are different types of Helleborus in all kinds of colors. The species blooms at Christmas until well into April

Our grower Verboom has a wonderful range. From the Niger with its snow-white flowers, to the Frostkiss and the Orientalis. There is a Helleborus for everyone.

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Winter violets are strong flowers that can bloom all winter. They bring color to the garden from autumn to winter. Violas are available between small-flowered and large-flowered violets and in all kinds of colors.

They grow to about 10 inches high and are true sun worshipers. Do cut out the faded flowers, so you can enjoy them longer

Winter heather is also called Erica carnea. The Ericas flower white or pink from February to April. The plant loves the sun and is green all winter long.

There are many different types of Ericas, but the 2 main types are Erica carnea (snow heather) and Erica x darleyensis (heather).

Viburnum is a shrub and is also called Snowball in the Netherlands. There are varieties that keep their leaves and those that lose their leaves. The Viburnum flowers from January to May.

Camellia, also called Japanese rose, is a plant that looks very exotic. It is a long flowering small tree or shrub. There are many different Camellias available in the colors white, pink, purple and red. The Camellia prefers acidic soil.

Skimmia has been a very popular plant in the Netherlands for years. The first buds and berries appear at the end of summer and the glossy green leaves remain in winter. And it is only in the spring that the buds bloom and spread a wonderful scent.

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