The official January birth flowers

The official January birth flowers

Coming up with the best flowers for January can be a bit tricky.

After all, January falls immediately after a festive holiday period full of good wishes and the giving of gifts.

Flowers are always a good idea. But choose the right flower for your loved ones, family or friends as a gift?

We are here to help. Each month has its own official birth flowers.

And January's official birth flower is the carnation and snowdrop.

Below we discuss their history, origins, meanings, symbolism and cultural significance around the world.

Birth Flowers: Carnations and Snowdrops
January is one of the coldest months of the year. Blooming flowers can be sparse.

But despite the winter season, some plants still manage to stand out.

With beautiful and abundant flowers. And the best examples of this are the carnations and snowdrops, both the official birth flowers of January.

The Carnation is also called dianthus (from the scientific name Dianthus spp.), Grenadines, Sweet William, gillyflower and clove pink.

This famous ornamental plant would not be called "The Flowers of God" for nothing. It blooms in a wide variety of colors, with each color signifying different meanings and symbolism.

Carnations in general mean fascination, distinction and love. But because these popular flowers offer a variety of types and colors, they convey different meanings. Pink carnations represent a mother's pure love and appreciation, while white carnations represent happiness, love, and affection.

Dark red carnations, like red roses, represent deep love and affection. Lighter shades of red carnations, on the other hand, symbolize friendship and admiration.

Purple carnations represent capriciousness, yellow carnations express disappointment and sadness, and striped varieties often mean regret and reluctance.

Nice to know! Carnations are also the official flowers for the 1st wedding anniversary.

While not as widely recognized as carnations, these plants are also considered January's birth flower. They spread captivating white, hanging flowers. Snowdrops bloom in the winter between January and March and are a well-known symbol of hope and rebirth. They are also called Galanthus.

Since snowdrops bloom only in white, they symbolize purity, just like other white flowers. These little flowers are also used to express condolence or condolences.

You cannot go wrong with these beautiful flowers during these cold winter months.

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