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Our wholesaler in flowers and plants is always busy selecting only the best growers for our webshop. That's why we only have the most excellent growers in our range. Today we would like to introduce you to Ichtus.

Ichtus has been cultivating cut Phalaenopsis since 2003. When they started, they immediately reserved 4,000m² of greenhouse space for this. The butterfly orchid is such a success that the number of square meters is already doubled two years later.

A completely new nursery will be built in 2007 at the Abraham Kroesweg in Waddinxveen with an available surface area of ​​44,000 m². In addition to the cut Phalaenopsis, Ichtus also grows the green plants Alocasia and Philodendron. These plants have a stylish appearance and, due to their frequently used application in modern interiors, fit well into the range.

Since its foundation in 1995, Ichtus Flowers & Plants has been carefully cultivating and supplying cut and pot Anthuriums and later cut Phalaenopsis. This latter butterfly orchid in particular ensured that Ichtus Flowers was able to grow into the market leader in this sector. They now also grow Philondendron and Alocasia. By adding this new crop, their company name has also changed to Ichtus Flowers & Plants.

Roobos wholesaler for flowers and plants: the most beautiful Phalaenopsis from nursery Ichtus

The Phalaenopsis belongs to the rich orchid family. There are about 60 different species in the world, but the Phalaenopsis is one of the most beautiful

The 'butterfly orchid' - so named for its resemblance to a butterfly - grows wild in the tropical rainforests of Asia, New Guinea and Australia. Ichtus Flowers & Plants is proud to ensure that this colorful and stylish flower can be found in hotels, weddings and countless events all over the world.

The production of cut Phalaenopsis is an intensive process. There are no fewer than 36 weeks between harvesting times.

First of all, the plants are placed in the warm department for an average of ten weeks. Here the temperature is 28 degrees all year round and the plant's leaf structure is exclusively worked on. The sturdier and more resilient the plant, the more beautiful the branches.

Then the plants go to the cold department for five or six weeks with a temperature of 19 to 20 degrees. The temperature difference triggers the induction of the flower sprays. As soon as the new branches are visible, the plants are quickly moved on to the finishing department.

The plants stay in the breeding department for between 18 and 20 weeks, with the temperature depending on the season and often between 21 and 23 degrees. The buttons are installed in this section, which then open one by one. When all the established flowers have opened, the branch is ready to be harvested. This process must be done accurately and always by hand to guarantee the quality that Ichtus customers have come to expect. All their unique varieties are treated with the right dose of love and grown with expertise.

View the most beautiful cut Phalaenopsis from Kwekerij Ichtus via their website. You can also find more information about this fantastic company here:

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