Inspiration Videos for florists

Looking for inspiration as a florist? Welcome to our cinema page. Here you can watch the best videos, packed with inspiration for the most beautiful designs, interesting encounters and insights into the life of our master florist Max Hurtaud.

Master florist Max Hurtaud is a rising star in the world of florists and he is one of the most talented young floral event designer.

Max Hurtaud has won several international competitions and he always surprises everyone with his beautiful and unique creations.

Max is also a master florist at Floos, the first 100% online library for florists. At Floos you can see the most beautiful floral creations of the world's most famous master florists and recreate them step by step. Max constantly creates new designs for Floos and we are proud that he - and all the other master florists at Floos - only choose our products to make their floral creations with.

But above all, he is funny and full of life. You can also follow his vlog here. Every week he publishes new content about competitions, tutorials, events or other fun encounters in the florist world he comes across.

Follow Max and be part of his beautiful floral life.

Plant lover: Nepenthes 🌿 🪴 😀


Floral event : IPM Essen in Germany 🌺 🤩 🥳




Plant lover: Peperomia 🌿

RETRO 2022! What a year!

How to take care of Xmas star! 🌟 🌟 🌟


CHRISTMAS FLORAL EXHIBITION: Welcome to Féérie Florale in Dendermonde!

Christmas decoration - Discover the setting!

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Roobos video Specials for florists

In addition to Max's videos, you can also see our own videos here. Full of the best offers, growers we want to put in the spotlight or special products that our buyers come across. Follow our Youtube channel and be surprised by all the beautiful things the florist world has to offer.

Là où les fleurs fleurissent, l’espoir aussi

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Ansu Vanda avec Max Hurtaud et Roobos

CST Decorations avec Max Hurtaud

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Inspirational videos from your flower wholesaler that help you save time.

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