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Dekker Chrysanten

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The world of floriculture continues to inspire. Especially for a breeder and propagator like Dekker Chrysanten. In more than half a century they have converted that inspiration into new varieties, new flower shapes, new colours. This makes them one of the players worldwide that determine the future of the chrysanthemum sector.

For the family business that Dekker still is, innovation has always been their driving force. On numerous fronts they have shown that innovation in the chrysanthemum sector is a continuous process. And not just in breeding and propagation, also with important market introductions such as the Santini types, the Madiba types or a 'classic' such as the Kennedy spray chrysanthemum.

They have also taken major, pioneering steps in cultivation technology. They push boundaries in the field of energy, water and nutrition. They are breaking new ground with process automation. Thinking in new possibilities is what makes Dekker Dekker.

With 1200 employees, they also have the strength to play a significant role. In this way they cover the entire process from new crossing to ready-to-sell product. They research, breed, multiply, trade, grow and market. They have their own laboratory, test locations, propagation and breeding companies.

With branches in the Netherlands, Tanzania, Colombia and South Africa, they are able to respond to the wishes of growers worldwide. Especially from growers who recognize that the future of floriculture lies in innovation. They like to give color to that innovation. The color of 'Colour your world'.

Dekker Chrysanten is the inspiring supplier for pioneering varieties.

They breed very specifically, looking for distinctive shapes, innovative colors and favorable cultivation characteristics. To do this, they also follow trends in consumer behavior and preferences for color and shape. The bar is high: of the many thousands of seedlings per year, only a few meet the strict selection requirements that apply to a market introduction. In addition, they invest in both fundamental and practical research in both breeding and cultivation technology

Dekker Chrysanthemums| Madiba

Dekker Chrysanten is the proud grower and grower of Madiba: small-flowered Santinis that excel in colour, number of flowers and shelf life. They give extra value and volume to bouquets and arrangements. Real Flower Power flowers! With their Madiba brand, they like to contribute to a colorful life by connecting our chain partners.

Their starting material is cultivated with passion at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. There, more than 900 Dekker Chrysanten employees lay the foundation for Madiba's top quality every day. Their brand name Madiba is named after the pet name for Nelson Mandela, also a colorful connector and as a tribute to him, they support various social projects in Tanzania.

Africa stands for colorful clothes, cheerfulness and exuberance. Exactly the characteristics that suit their mini chrysanthemums with African roots. The variety of colors and shapes of Madiba are an inspiration for florists and arrangers worldwide for endless possibilities for bouquets and arrangements. In addition to the single-flowered Madiba Daisy in 9 colours, there are now also Madiba Pompoms in 4 colors and the unique Madiba Spider variety.

Madiba Anemone

With its deep black heart and bright yellow flower ribbons, our first anemone-shaped Madiba is a striking appearance! Thanks to the unique flower shape, this new Madiba line functions as a colorful connector, usable in almost every bouquet and flower arrangement!

Madiba Decor

New in the range is the decorative Madiba. The decorative small flowers are a strong and colorful connector in every bouquet. And with the same strong properties as the daisy, spider and pompom, the deco completes the Madiba segment.

Madiba Daisy

The single-flowered Daisy is the classic in our Madiba range. Since its introduction, the range has expanded to no less than 8 colours. With African city names as recognition and tribute to the roots of the brand. Madiba Daisy is famous for its impressive large volume and longevity in a bouquet.

Madiba Pompom

The name says it all: the pom pom has small colored pumpkins that, with at least 30 flowers on a stem, provide the colorful and special filling of many a bouquet or arrangement. Available in 4 beautiful colors and as a mix. The reactions from wholesalers, retailers and florists from all over the world are very positive.

Madiba Spider

The latest Madiba type is the Spider, with unique decorative 'spider-shaped' flowers. Currently still available in white, but expansion with other colors will not take long. The Madiba Spider is also a colorful connector with a vase life for the consumer of more than two weeks after purchase.

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