How to preserve flowers

How to preserve flowers

Curious about how to preserve flowers and how you can best approach this?

It is important to use our 100% daily fresh flowers, of the highest quality (MPS certified). Next, it is important to prepare the flower vase, which is of course neatly clean.

You can clean the vase with a little chlorine or with a mixture of water, baking powder and a tablespoon of vinegar. In this way you remove bacteria and other microorganisms from the vase, in order to properly preserve the cut flowers. With some flowers it works temporarily without water, but in other cases it is important to fill the vase with cold water.

Tip: let the flower food dissolve well? Sometimes a little lukewarm water helps. The flowers themselves prefer cold water

Preserve flowers: this is how you do it

Addressing the conservation of cut flowers as well as possible? If there is no flower food, a little soda also works well. It is important to cut the flowers clean (not breaking, pulling or turning). Some flowers get better if you smash the bottom of the stems with a little hammer.

Curious how to preserve roses, how you can use vinegar or how to use glycerin ensures that the whole can be kept for a long time? We are happy to explain how it’s done with tips and advice directly from the grower.

Order the nicest cut flowers?

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