Preserve flowers with vinegar

Preserve flowers with vinegar

Want to know more about preserving flowers with vinegar?

It is important not to feed the flowers with vinegar, but to clean the vase in advance. It prevents micro-organisms from being left behind, which could affect the health of the flowers.

Tip: keep flowers for a longer period? Then glycerin is an interesting choice.

The hygiene of the vase is very important for keeping the flowers beautiful. It is great to use a vase a lot if you clean it well in between. This is possible, for example, with a mixture of hot water, a tablespoon of baking soda and a tablespoon of vinegar. Retaining cut flowers with vinegar is simple in that regard, by investing a little time in advance.

Flowers preserved with vinegar

Keep the flowers in good condition with vinegar? Clean the vase well with it. Do not forget to rub the vase clean and dry before you put the new flowers in it. It is an effective way to preserve cut flowers, to keep them beautiful for as long as possible after placement in the vase.

We are happy to advise you directly from our growers about the preservation of cut flowers, even when it comes to roses. With tips that will help your flowers last a long time and to keep them beautiful. In this way you will enjoy the fresh flowers for as long as possible, for example by preparing the vase in the right way and also when the flowers have finished flowering for the next use.

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