How do you preserve Lilacs in a vase?

How do you preserve Lilacs in a vase?

Curious about preserving lilacs in a vase?

They are beautiful scented flowers that will open beautifully. That is, if you give them proper attention. And if they lack attention? Then the flowers will hang quickly, causing them to lose their beautiful appearance.

Do you want to enjoy beautiful lilacs in a vase for at least a week? This is possible with a few handy tips. For example, remove all leaves from the flowers and cut the stems again. In addition, beat the ends of the stems flat with a little hammer.

Lilacs in a vase: keep them beautiful

To maintain lilacs in a vase, it is best to use 2 to 3 lumps of sugar with a little cold water. Add hot water and put in the lilacs with the flat stems. The flowers open up to the top, for the beautiful appearance that we know of it.

Tip: make the lilacs in the vase look fuller? Use a few sprigs of green, as long as there are no flowers on it.

Once the water runs out you can change it again with a few lumps of sugar, a little cold water and then add hot water to it. It is the best way to preserve lilacs in a vase. Discover in a similar way how you can keep a flower bouquet beautiful for as long as possible, something we would like to advise you on with the help of our Lilacs growers.

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